About us

A dear friend and I have just been talking about the childhood sheepdog experiences when out of the blue he just fired off a question at me:

'You know what?! You'd have to do a professional sheepdog conference! You've already been doing such a thing!' 

As it used to be, I was speechless. All of a sudden I didn't know what to answer, I was so surprised by the suggestion, as it is targeted on the subject are interspersed with lectures, symposia, forums. But my friend only ever said that the time is ripe for something freshly new. A few minutes later I broke the temporary silence, saying: 

'Something else needs to be done. It needs to be created as a platform where knowledge and experience can accumulate.  Where initiatives will be created indicating the same direction, and the earlier ones gain a higher level. We should brainstorm the basics of possible cooperation and development and then we are able to go for it together.'

So we started it all. The childhood memorabilia, from the first moment when the breathe of a big Kuvasz dog breezed my face. The typical smell of his fur. And defects, which are now well aware that I made.

We actually have it. To mobilize dormant powers breaking towards the existing surface, worth it as value and support the direction of development. By the image of global friendship and the common roots in culture in alignment with cooperation inherent in the future, we declare.

Gyöngyi Hajnal